Location: The Internet. is a website for the Imbued. Accessible through the dummy front-end, hunter-net is a server protected by the Messengers and includes a mailing list, forums and a chat program.

Before joining Hunter-Net the hunter had to find and fill out a ludicrous form that appears to represent US fringe patriotism. In some cases the Messengers themselves guided the hunter to the site, but mostly the hunter had to find it themselves.

Signing up for the site required a username, to which a unique number was appended. For example, the site's founder was Witness1.

The rule of the realm is explicitly to use this username and give no details of your personal life no matter what. The danger is too great that the website may be discovered and exposed.

Red Door Books

A nice niche bookstore in the Southeast, it's not, however, in the nicest neighborhood. The street nearby is tagged endlessly with spraypaint and one of the signs is clearly visible to any Imbued or Bystanders who see it: SAFEHOUSE.

Inside, it is a sprawling but cramped bookstore, dealing heavily in second-hand books and hosts a number of local readings for neighborhood children, as well as occassional authors or 'Coffee Talk' weekly events encouraging locals to come in and read their favorite passages, or poems, with complimentary coffee for all attendees.

If you mention that marking, however, most of the employees have no idea what you're talking about. Several know to ask the Manager, but nothing more. The owner and manager, Jill McWhorter, who bears on her face a look of fear and distraction at apparently all times, will gladly escort you further inside.

There is a second and third floor to this bookstore; the second is used as offices and storage and third is under construction. Or so the belief goes. There is a small medical supply area, cots, foodstuff and laptops, as well as a terrifying array of newspaper clippings and scribblings pinned to what appears to be an endless wall.