The Heart's Collapse

Level 3 Caern

Caern Totem: Bear.

Caern Type: Memory; Successes on Opening Caern provide all members of the Sept with temporary dots in the Ancestors Background.

There is very little to see at The Heart's Collapse from the outside. The generous size of the courtyard affords one the ability to temporarily become lost, though one end of the courtyard to the other always remains within shouting distance. A stone fountain retains a tranquil pool of stagnant water, and the windows of the two buildings surrounding the courtyard would seem to reflect greater distances than what is observable by merely standing around, looking at the lush surroundings.

Slipping Sideways, the Garou and other creatures who can move between the Gauntlet find themselves transported to any number of parts located within a massive forest and swampland. A more primitive time in history is reflected, the Heart's Collapse covering several miles of space within the Penumbra. To the Southwest is a crumbled outpost at the very edge of the bawn. To the Northeast is a large fortress with long walls stretching to either side, including upwards.

With the Rite of Becoming, resourceful Garou may find these Realms anchored to the Caern: Following the fortress wall, Garou can reach Atrocity to the North where it turns into reinforced fences covered in razor-wire. It begins breaking apart to the South, and the sections which remain are covered in claw marks or graffiti, Battleground not far from there. The sky and its hovering stones may lead Garou to the Aetherial Realm, dangerous as that may be at times for the Fera. Within the bawn itself there are many small ponds or swampy areas which can lead the Garou to Wolfhome or Pangea.

No Mages, not even Kin, would be so foolish as to travel into the Umbra by way of the courtyard. Perhaps even more foolish is the trespasser who reaches the Caern and finds their way to the Heart while there are Garou present. However, there is a truce between the Name-breakers and the Werewolves within Gaia's Realm as the Awakened tend to the physical grounds.