Kinain Creation Rules

Standard Creation Array:

Step One: Choose Concept, Kith, Seeming, and Legacies (House may apply to some Sidhe Kinain)

Step Two: Select Attributes (6/4/3)

Attributes start with one dot.

Step Three: Select Abilities (11/7/4)

Secondaries are half-cost, and may only be purchased with Freebies. One Freebie is equal to two ranks in a Secondary Ability. Experience costs are Current Rating, or 3 for a New Secondary.

Step Four: Select Advantages

Choose Backgrounds: (5), including Fae Blood. Title, Holding, and Retinue do not apply to Kinain. Most backgrounds may be increased in character.
Choose Faerie Gifts: (5 points). You may have a number of Faerie Gifts equal to your Fae Blood background (for three gifts, you need Fae Blood 3). If your chosen gifts add up to more than 5 points, you need to spend freebies (1 per point of gift) to increase them.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Record Glamour, Willpower, and Banality according to the starting Tempers for each Seeming.
NOTE: Mages, Garou, or other supernaurals who are Kinain cannot have Glamour.
Spend Freebies: (21) plus history freebies (15) for a total of (36) freebie points.
Free Lore: 1 dots in Lore of their own Kith; 2 dots for Lores of their choice. If the character is a hybrid (Changeling/Kinfolk), you receive 2 dots in Garou Lore and 1 dot in Tribe Lore.

Beginning Traits:

Glamour: 5
Willpower: 3
Banality: 1


Glamour: 4
Willpower: 4
Banality: 3


Glamour: 3
Willpower: 5
Banality: 5

Merits and Flaws:

A character may gain an additional 7 points from flaws at creation. Additional merits and flaws may be gained and/or bought off in character. If your character is Kinfolk, you must buy the Supernatural Kinfolk Merit.

Freebie Point Costs

Attributes 5 Points Per Dot
Abilities 2 Points Per Dot
Secondary Abilities 1 Point Per Freebie Spent
Backgrounds 1 Point Per Dot
Willpower 1 Point Per Dot
Glamour 3 Points Per Dot
Arts 5 Points Per Dot
Realms 3 Points Per Dot

Experience Point Costs

Attributes Current Rating x 4
New Ability 3 Points
Abilities Current Rating x 2
Secondary Abilities Current Rating
Willpower Current Rating
Glamour Current Rating x 2
Arts Current Level x 4
New Arts 7
Realms Current Level x 3
New Realms 5