The Carousel

The Carousel is located on the 25th floor (top floor) of the Maximillian Building in downtown Boston. The floorplan is open, consisting of concrete pathways winding through trees, cultivated gardens, rows of ferns, and other greenery, giving it the appearance of an enormous, Victorian-era atrium. The ceiling and walls of the room consist of iron-reinforced shatter-resistant glass panes; stained glass dioramas are scattered around the sides at regular intervals. During the day, the area serves as a park, and is frequented by human city residents and building inhabitants alike. After five p.m., the floor is closed to the public, and after dark, entertains the city's Camarilla residents.

Witwick Black

Witwick Black is a sketchy bar located on the northern edge of Boston proper. Owned and operated by a Brujah named Nines Malone, the bar has been named Elysium as part of a deal brokered with Prince King. Witwick serves as a safe haven and gathering place for Boston's Anarch population, which has swelled since the Incident.

Other Locations Of Note:

Olympian Hotel

Operating on the eastern side of the city, near the harbor, the Olympian is an upscale hotel owned by Jason Milliner. Sporting a mixture of Grecian and Italian architecture, the hotel caters to the wealthy business associates and visiting guests of the Milliner family. It also serves as a meeting place for local Giovanni, who sometimes reside in the lower levels.

Chevron Hills

Located in the northeast part of the city, this mansion once housed the proud and mighty Tremere chantry. Events leading up to the Incident caused the Warlocks' power in the city to wane, however, and now the chantry is a pale shadow of its former self. The appearance of the stone-built, Midieval castle-looking mansion has almost responded sympathetically, and now the building looks worn and run-down; stone is crumbling, the iron-wrought fencing surrounding it rusted and the lawn overrun by yellowing weed. Whether or not any of Boston's Tremere remain is a mystery, as none have been seen since the Incident. Agents sent to investigate within Chevron Hills have either come back maddened by the experience - or not come back at all.

The Situation:

Boston By Night: Tenuous Alliances

Prince: Quentin King III (Malkavian)

The city of Boston has been a warground in Kindred affairs for decades if not centuries. Once run by a Tremere Prince named Baladin, the Malkavian called Quentin King III took the reins in the early 1800s following Baladin's destruction. Beset constantly by Sabbat seeking to overrun the city, King has also had to contend with Tremere internecine fighting, Giovanni machinations, and Lupine interference.

Most recently, a tremendous explosion rocked the warehouse district near Chinatown. While mundane reports and official inquiries list the explosion as the result of problems with the gas lines, the truth is a different matter. Hounded by a malevolent, emmensely-powerful spirit, the local Giovanni enacted a great necromantic ritual. The purpose of the ritual was to try and enslave the spirit; if impossible, to expel it instead. Unfortunately, the Sabbat chose the opportunity to launch a major attack on the city; Tremere agents, seeking to steal mystic power, also arrived to interfere.

Open warfare wracked Chinatown and the warehouse district over a weekend's time, and the great ritual was disrupted, allowing the spirit to run amok. When the smoke cleared, the Sabbat war party was destroyed, the Tremere were missing, the spirit was gone, and the Giovanni had suffered tremendous losses in both personnel and investments.

Branded "the Incident", the event laid low all three major Kindred powers in Boston. Prince King sent out peace feelers to the Giovanni through Jason Milliner, and a truce of sorts was struck. Though by no means allies, the two parties agreed to cooperate against Sabbat war parties that showed no signs of abating. Left to his own devices by greater Camarilla, Prince King has also opened inroads with the Anarchs through Nines Malone, inviting them to take a larger investment in the city's welfare and giving them a small measure of autonomy and safety. While suspicious, the Anarchs have accepted, and King believes that he can bring them "into the fold" over time.