Holy Trinity German Catholic Church

Location: 1400 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

Closed as a place of worship on June 30, 2008

Purchased by Callum Tillerman to be repurposed into a historical site and museum on March 15, 2014

In the early 19th Century, German immigrants landing in Boston faced the challenge of adapting to a new social environment, while striving to preserve their unique cultural and religious heritage. Helping to preserve their Faith, a large Church was built on the site, beginning in June of 1842 and completed in June of 1844. A new Church was built fifty years later to accommodate the bustling population of the German Parish, and it only continued to grow, adding additional buildings for an orphanage, a gradeschool, a highschool and a convent. Many of these buildings were repurposed as years went on, and despite the bustling community, greater concerns in Rome called for the dissolution of the Holy Trinity Church in 2008. Closing its doors permanently, it became a silent and fading whisper for the community.

Recently, however, a wealthy magnate has purchased the massive Church as well as the connected neighboring buildings, working to restore them back towards their historical representations, with a foolhardy attempt to restore them to become a landmark in Boston. Most think him a fool for it, but they appreciated the money being poured into the neighborhood and the jobs working construction on the outlying buildings.

What few realize is that the people coming and going are not as easily explained as they thought. This massive church has been renovated, but it is because it now serves as grounds of service for the Fallen. The holy ground has been fouled by sinful deed and markings, bespoiling its holy foundation, making it safe for even the darkest of the Fallen to step on its once-hallowed grounds. The Prince presides over the building, and coordinates all efforts for Boston as far as the Demon see it. It is an opulent, old-world church with gleaming spires and a steeple, with rows of benches and a powerful throne at its fore. Many rooms spill away from the central hall, allowing offices and places of discussion, as well as three sleeping quarters. Many more are arrayed at the former convent connected nearby, with more being constructed at the nearby Orphanage and offices at the Schools. All closed to the public, of course, during the forever-ongoing apparent renovations.

The Situation:

Prince: Ekirus / Eli Foster (Faustian Devil)

Looking like a young man barely out of highschool, the inarguable Prince of Boston is Ekirus, a powerful Demon from the Pit who strained under the yokes of the truly terrifying - but they were unable to escape the Pits, too powerful for their essences to be ripped apart on the rise from the Abyss. When the world still reeled from their return, the Fallen themselves disorderly, he knew he had to strike. Boston quickly fell under the rule, amongst the Demons who had returned anywhere within Massachussets, to the promises, deals and threats of the influential child containing the essence of a terrifying beast.

The ruler of this city is as canny as he is cruel by turns, with a clear desire to make a perfect and subservient humanity so that God and his Angels can be sure to never again interfere with the cast out 'angels'. With an eye towards expansion, the dangerous man has recently become aware that since the Fall, there have been many other supernatural creations beyond the ken of man.

He has promised reward and station and fonts of power to those who can return to him with the service of these 'special' mortals, and himself looks for them amidst the ruins of Eden within the dubious splendor of Boston.