The Cobbled Path

Level 2 Chantry

Level 2 Node

A library and recreational center in the middle of Beacon Street, the Cobbled Path consists of two buildings joined by a courtyard lush with greenery that is often frozen over in the winter. While one side houses an indoor auditorium, the other holds a rather diverse collection of written works put together by its inhabitants, both former and current.

The library building is three floors that can be reached by a spiraling staircase in the center, or by a stairwell to the side. The second floor offers a peculiar view from a balcony which hangs over the courtyard. The breeze comes in from what appears to be a massive hedge maze, though it is hardly present from the ground floor or any other window. The third floor is a solid wall of concrete and nothing beyond it.

The auditorium building holds both a large indoor court as well as an equipment room, while the side stairwell offers passage to an empty second floor or a third floor which remains a study locked and only opened by residents of the Chantry. Beyond those doors lies a room in the library that no longer exists, instead a displaced lounge occupying quite a large space.

From the Umbra, the library appears quite different. The bookcases are arranged in such a way that they reflect the huge hedge maze depicted from the balcony. The balcony itself overlooks what appears to be countless acres of land stretched out to infinity, and pavers float over the lengthy sky. It is assumed that many Awakened might have stepped on to those hovering tablets of stone, either for meditation or to never be seen or heard from again.

Also in the Umbra, the auditorium itself exists as a ruined outpost atop a vast field of lush green fields and valleys. To three of the four sides, frontier towns and the memories of Boston itself are apparent. The crumbled outpost itself remains a back-door into the Cobbled Path, though one must first cross the valley filled with endless forest and difficult marsh. It is what the Wolves call their home.

Rainfall or snow over the courtyard tends to provide raw Tass for those Awakened who wish to collect it.